Things to do in your veggie patch this February

What to do in the Veggie patch in February

February is generally where we'll see the highest rainfall here in the subtropics - add in the heat and humidity and it can spell lots of issues for our veggie patch! Now is the time to start getting your seeds in for autumn, especially if you want some of those cool season crops.

Prepare beds for Autumn Plantings

Chop and drop any green manure crops (or turn over if you’re doing a bio fumigate crop).

Top beds with compost, worm castings and well aged manure. If you’re not getting close to planting  avoid tidying things up too much, as we generally get a last hurrah for summer in March and having protection of overgrown plants will help protect soil and other plants that are still growing.

It's likely if you have sweet potato growing it may be taking over everything. Resist the urge to pull it just yet, harvest the leaves - they taste great in stir fries!

Source Potatoes and Garlic for planting

Start keeping an eye out for seed potatoes and Garlic. Our garlic has a waitlist and usually sells out in December, so if you want to get on the list for that for next year you can do so here. We find the best seed potatoes (and most affordable) are found at produce stores. You can check out our Garlic growing process from start to finish on our Youtube Channel and read our tips here

Collect the rain

Winter is generally dry here in the subtropics right through until Spring, so now is the time to really ensure water collection is in place to cover you over those dry periods. We get our most rainfall for the year between the months of January through to March. 

Bugs and pests and other nasties to look out for

Keep an eye out for:

  • Fruit fly
  • Caterpillars 
  • Grasshoppers (
  • Bean fly 
  • Shield bugs
  • Hard scale 

Keep on top of Powdery Mildew by using preventative milk spray 9 parts water 1 part milk.

What to plant in February in the Subtropics

Now is the time to start your autumn seeds. If you want to grow cauliflower you need to get your seeds in now. Same for slow growing things like Leeks and cabbage. You can find our full lists of what to plant in February here

If you want a quick reference guide on what to plant throughout the year you can download our free seed sowing chart here.

What will you be planting this month? Leave a comment below!

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