Caloundra Queensland Australia

What am I waiting for?

Just hold on one second whilst I kick away the tumbleweeds in this blog *kick* OK we’re good now.

Confession time. Truth be told, I’ve been waiting. Procrastinating really. No, I’ve been really freaking busy getting married and stuff, but I hate the ‘busy’ excuse. So I’ve been waiting. Waiting for a change.

I am a little jealous of all those people out there who start their blogs when they make their ‘sea change’. I’ve been craving the same thing, but that’s not a reality for me just yet. And it’s probably a while off yet. So I’ve waited. I’ve used it as an excuse. Oh that blog will get attention when I *insert massive life change here*.

I’ve struggled, on one part there is this immense pressure to build a blog that will allow me to quit my ‘day job’ one day and live the dream, blogging with my laptop from anywhere in the world. But that ‘dream’ is so distracting from my current reality, and really not what I want to get out of this space. It’s not why I started that travel blog all that time ago (RIP travel blog). I want to rant and rave, to laugh and cry, share the good stuff and the bad.

I’ve done a tonne of blogging courses (well done is the operative word, I have an intolerance for anything beyond the 3rd module) and yet, they all feel forced, they feel fake, so not me. I should be doing this, I should be doing that. GET MORE TRAFFIC. OPTIN BRIBES. POP UP BOXES. It all feels so icky to me. So instead I am pushing all that aside and I am just going to be me *rushes to update my about page*.

So back to the ‘sea change’ stuff. Let it be known that I want to quit the city and move to my own house where I can have chickens!

Until then (we’re stuck in rental hell* for at least another 12 months as we just signed our lease), you will have to put up with me whinging about not having chickens, and tolerating my rental shitty city block of a backyard where most of my food is grown in pots.

No more procrastinating, get ready for me (putting it on the internet means I have to do it right?).


*OK it’s not really hell, it’s only shit because we’re not allowed chickens.

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