Week 6 Garden update

Vegetable Patch Update: Late Summer – 6 Weeks of Love

If you want to see the progress of my previous weeks growth you can check out my first 2 weeks here and week 3-4 here.

Week 5

Beans galore! And an endless supply of Lettuce (although we’re getting to the end here)

Week 5 - Beans
Week 5 – Beans

The tomatoes are getting bigger and the plant is looking super healthy, really hoping that last hit of summer doesn’t bring with it fruit fly before they get a chance to ripen.


Week 5 - Roma Tomatoes
Week 5 – Roma Tomatoes

And the cucumber has almost reached the top of the trellis, little cucumbers are forming!

Week 5 Garden update
Week 5


Week 6

The corn has started flowering and husks are forming. Everything is just going so well. We’re starting to see signs of grasshoppers, caterpillars & aphids unfortunately.

I added some flower moss balls to try and attract some pollinators to the garden.

Week 6 Garden update
Week 6

The cucumbers are going crazy, I don’t think I’ve ever seen leaves on a cucumber this big before.

Week 6 - Garden Update
Week 6

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