Growing abundant herbs

Tips for growing abundant herbs

Ever wondered how to keep your herbs looking lush and mouth watering? Aside from making sure your soil is in tip top shape, here are my tips for making sure you have an endless supply of herbs.

Harvest often

Well it goes without saying that if you grow herbs, you should harvest them. But did you know that harvesting more will actually provide new bountiful growth. This is especially true for things like basil (nip the flowers off to extend your season) and rosemary. Keep harvesting and you’ll get the most out of your herbs.

Liquid fertilise

A little bit of Seasol on your herbs will help them keep their lush leaves and keep them looking amazing. You may also want to use juice from your worm farm (if you have one) or a compost tea (find how to make your own compost tea here). If you’re growing perennial herbs in pots, make sure you’re repotting at least every 2 years, and fertilising with a slow release fertliser twice a year.

Keep them hydrated

If you’re like me and are growing most of your herbs in pots, keeping the water up is incredibly important, especially if you’re living in a climate that is hot. All it takes is one day of drying out for your herbs to go downhill so make sure you’re keeping on top of the watering.


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