Sorrel ‘Red Veined’


Rumex sanguineus

Red veined sorrel is a tangy, lemony flavoured hardy perennial herbaceous plant also known as bloody dock. Most commonly used for pretty micro greens in salads but can also be cooked like spinach.

Approximately 50 seeds.


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Growing Information

These do live on neglect, but they do love a bit of water with free draining soil (steer clear of clay soil). We’ve had great success in aquaponics and they do well in shady spots as well.

It can become invasive if you let it go to seed, so unless you want to collect seeds, remove flower heads as they grow.

Sorrel is high in oxalic acid (like spinach) so if you have liver issues or have a sensitive stomach / skin conditions you should avoid eating it fresh.

Type: Herbaceous Perennial
Location: Full sun to Partial shade
Plant: Temperate:  Sep-Nov
Subtropical: Mar-Sep
Tropical: Apr-JulSoil Temperature 20-22 degrees
Soil Prep: Well draining soil, load up with compost and well aged manure before planting out
Will it grow in a pot: Yes
Sow: Direct or in trays 5mm deep
Spacing: 30cm apart
Germination: 7-14 days
Height: 30-60cm
Harvest: 56-63 days. Pick young leaves.


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