Dirt Lovers Guide to Seed Raising (eBook)


Growing from seed for Backyard Food growers

The benefits of raising seeds aside from it being more cost effective is you get to grow different things you just can’t find as seedlings. A big reason why I love raising from seed is being able to grow varieties that do a lot better in our climate over what you can typically find at the nursery.

The downside to raising your own vegetables from seed is it can be challenging, especially if you are time poor.

In this guide I’ll step you through my process of successfully raising seeds.

Inside this guide I cover:

  • Why raise your own seeds
  • Direct planting vs seed raising in trays
  • Seed raising setup
  • Seed raising mixes (including my own DIY recipe)
  • How to raise your seeds
  • How to care for baby seedlings
  • Transplanting your seedlings for success
  • Seed storage solutions
  • Tips for planting direct in garden beds
  • Troubleshooting common issues

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