Interview – Heidi Merika, Boosting your immunity with Plants

We’re back for a new season of the Podcast in 2020. This season will be full of amazing interviews from people I admire.

Growing food is fast becoming a lost art. It’s feared, it’s unknown, it’s challenging, it’s rebellious. But it doesn’t have to be hard. Join me in the Love of Dirt podcast where we explore topics around growing food, fair food and sustainable living.
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In this episode I chat with Heidi Merika who is a Naturopath and Medical Herbalist and author of Wildcraft: The science and spirit of Wild Plants as food medicine.

We talk about Heidi’s journey into the plant world, and deep dive into ways you can boost your immunity from plants you can grow or find in these times of world wide pandemics.

Dirt Lovers can access the full unedited video version of interview here. In the unedited version talk more about choosing what plants to grow to setup your own Medicinal Garden plus the different ways to process/use the plants you grow and forage that extends beyond just eating them.

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