How to grow your own wheatgrass for green juices

If you’re a total newbie when it comes to growing your own food, then the best way to start is with sprouts. Wheatgrass sprouts have to be the easiest to grow, so fast, and you can do it from a small pot on your kitchen bench.

What you’ll need:

  • Wheatgrass seeds
  • A jar
  • Paper Towels (or a light tea towel or cloth)
  • Good quality potting mix
  • Small pot with good drainage


So start off by adding your seeds to a jar, the amount will be depend on the size of your pot you’ve chosen, but you want enough to lightly cover your the soil on your pot. Fill the jar with water and let soak overnight.


Planting probably isn’t the best word, but basically fill your pot up with your soil and scatter your seeds over the top. Make sure the seeds are laid out quite densely and your soil is damp.

Wet your paper towels or cloth and place over the top of your seeds, leave over night again and let the magic happen.

Day 1

Once the seeds have sprouted upwards you can remove the paper towel or cloth and just remember to keep the sprouts damp.


Day 2


Day 3

By day 4 you are ready to harvest, just simply cut what you need.

Day 4

You can get a couple of rounds from the wheatgrass, but the most nutrient dense is the first growth, you will notice it start to yellow. So I always go with the first growth and then add the rest to my compost and start over again. Not only is it healthy for you, but it also looks pretty cool sitting on your kitchen bench.

As for juicing you will need a slow juicer or a high speed blender.

Have you tried growing wheatgrass before?

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