Growing Rosellas

Growing Rosellas

Rosella, QLD Jam Fruit, Roselle, Jamaican Sorrel, Edible Hibiscus…This plant has a few names and here in the Subtropics it’s a good set and forget plant with an incredibly abundant harvest.

The most common use is Jam, however you can find a round up of ways we use the fruit here.

Rosellas are a definite summer thing. They need heat and humidity to do well.


They grow huge, like 1-2metres tall and in diameter too so be prepared to lose some space.

They will grow in terrible soil. We did 0 preparation in our soil and planted them directly in hard as rock clay soil. They got a bit of mulch and that was it.

Plant them in late December to get them underway for when the rains start. If you get sick of harvesting them (which you probably will) you will probably never need to buy seeds again as they will self seed and sprout when they are ready. We saw seedlings in November last year, however they didn’t really start growing until late January.


Harvesting begins around late march right up until mid June. They are annuals in temperate climates, here in the subtropics I have read they are perennial but I am yet to try that out (I am this year to see what they do).

How to use the fruit

Jam is the most common reason why people grow them, the colour is stunning. However there are loads of ways to use them, they end up being quite versatile. We’ve done jelly, leather, cordial, salad dressings, tea. You can find a round up of rosella recipes here of what we’ve tried.

4 thoughts on “Growing Rosellas”

  1. Thanks Nicki. I grew rosellas years ago here in SW Brisbane. They grew well but I stopped growing them because I LOVE Rosella jam but the quantity of sugar recommended was not so healthy. I will check out your link to recipes. Thanks again!! Dan

    1. Yeah unfortunately that’s jam. We do the Jelly and Fruit leathers for the kids, which is just the sweetness from the fruit. We also love it as Iced tea in summer.

  2. I am growing them at the moment at Shoalhaven Heads which is south of Wollongong and they are doing well just about to do my first harvest

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