Growing Garlic in South East Queensland

If you watch certain garden shows, they will tell you that you shouldn’t even try growing garlic in our climate. ‘Stick to garlic chives they say’, but seriously it’s not the same thing at all. Well I am the kind of person that if you tell me I can’t do something, I will be determined to prove you wrong.

For a long time growing garlic in Brisbane has been a huge fail for me. Admittedly I never actually did my research and would just head to local organic markets buy some bulbs and chuck the cloves in the ground. Or if cloves sprouted in my fridge I would throw them in the garden. I don’t recommend this technique at all.

This year I decided to do my research and figure out if there actually was a garlic we could grow. Some things we need to consider.

  • It doesn’t really get too cold
  • the cool season is very short

So with that in mind I found two varieties that I am planting this year.

Varieties of Garlic for Warm Climates

The two I’ve chosen are Glenlarge and Italian pink and I got these from Green Harvest at Maleny (not affiliated).

When to plant

I planted mine on the Autumn Equinox (first full moon in March) but you’d be right to plant them right up until the end of April. Any later than that you may find they don’t form before it gets too hot and the rains start.

Planting your garlic

You want to focus on the outer edge of cloves as your best guys. The inner cloves won’t produce a great bulb in the first year (but I planted these anyway in random places around the garden). Break off your cloves and soak in some Seaweed solution (Many people choose to soak their cloves overnight but I wasn’t organised so they got an hour tops of soaking).

Plant them with the flat side down, pointy end up and just below the surface of your soil. Space around 15 cm apart in rows of 40cm (check the planting instructions for your variety)

Water in and wait.

My Glenlarge appeared a week after planting and the italian pink is slowly rolling out after two weeks.

So that’s my garlic planting this year, I’ll update this post closer to harvest time with my tips for harvesting.

Are you growing garlic this year? Any tips you’d like to share?

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