Thai Pink Egg Tomato

Favourite Tomatoes to Grow

My favourite time to grow tomatoes is Autumn.

Here in the subtropics we struggle with them over summer due to disease and fruit fly, so I just don’t bother now.

We are lucky enough to not get a frost (or unlucky depending on what you like to grow), which means tomatoes we can grow all year. They do slow down over July, but they still grow and produce fruit.

The best success I’ve had with tomatoes is starting them as seeds in late January for harvest in late April early May. They generally escape the fruit fly on this schedule and get that fast growth while it’s still hot.

There are so many amazing tomatoes but some seem to do a lot better in our area than others. Here are my favourites to grow.

San Marzano

San Marzano Tomato Seeds

These are a roma type tomato, very distinct looking slender tomatoes great for passata making but they are also really yummy straight in a salad.

Honey Bee Yellow Cherry Tomato

These guys are my favourite cherry tomato. Prolific and sweet. I am yet to find a good red cherry that beats this one.

Pink Thai Egg

Thai Pink Egg Tomato

These ones are great for high rainfall areas as they won’t split if you get a downpour. A semi determinate type which I’ve had great success in a pot. They are smallish in size and have a really pretty pink tinge as they ripen. Kids love them.


If you like a basic tomato the tropic is a good producer of standard looking tomatoes but they taste way better than your grosse lisse types. Great for humid climates!

I am also experimenting with a few other varieties this year such as the Black Krim and the Amish Paste which I’ll report back with their success.

What variety of tomato do you love to grow?

1 thought on “Favourite Tomatoes to Grow”

  1. Hi there, I love growing tomatoes of all kins and have grown them for nearly 50 years. I have traditionally grown heirlooms for their fantastic flavor. I now live in the Dallas, Texas area and this will be the first try at gardening here in this climate. Since we are renting I will be doing container gardening. I built 2-4x4x12″ and 2-2x6x12″ raised beds. I also have about 36 large grow bags. I’ve planted most of my tomatoes, bell peppers, green beans, radishes, carrots, etc.

    But, I digress, My very favorite cherry tomato is “black cherry” and it is an heirloom. My favorite regular tomato is Arkansas Traveler and Black Krim and Cherokee purple. All of these are heirlooms and are delicious.

    Hope you enjoy a happy and productive gardening year.

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