End of Summer Veggie Patch Tour

End of Summer Vegetable Garden Tour in the Subtropics

Usually here in the subtropics, in December we pop the sweet potatoes in, maybe some corn and then let things go. It’s too hot, too wet, too many bugs, too many diseases, all ingredients that make it too hard. But that’s a typical summer here in the subtropics, so this time of year it’s certainly a big mess.

We’re finishing up with Summer and preparing for Autumn. In this vlog we have a bit of an update on what we’re doing, plus share with you the plans for the next season.

What we’re up to in February in the Subtropics

We’re currently growing Corn, Cucumber, Cherry Tomatoes, Pumpkins, sweet potatoes, Beans, carrots.

The bugs causing the most damage right now are fruit fly and bean fly. The 28 spotted lady bug was devastating at the beginning of the season but it has finally turned it down a notch.

We’re currently planting all of our Autumn seeds, and our cool season tomato babies are growing well in the greenhouse.

The main thing we’re doing right now is preparing our beds, cleaning out, topping up and gearing up for a great Autumn growing season.

Curious about the mini blue popcorn – here’s our first harvest here. And you can grab our seeds for Mini Blue Popcorn here.

If you’d like some inspiration of plant layouts or need help getting your garden mojo back – come join us in Dirt Lovers.

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