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No Dig Sweet Potato Bed

Crisis Gardening – Action 2 – Setup with minimal inputs

Can’t get to the shops? Don’t have compost? Here are a couple of setups you might want to try to get your garden growing fast.

Option 1 – If you have compost, straw and manure

No dig garden beds are my favourite. Easy to do and productive. The downside is you do need access to a fair amount of compost and straw to get it going.

Here is a video on how to set up a no dig bed.

Option 2 – No compost, but you can get straw and blood + bone

2 ingredients and a new garden for under $10. Strawbale garden might be the way to go to get growing for you. Straw is best sourced from a produce store, we use sugar cane mulch as that’s what we have.

Here is the video on how to setup a strawbale garden

Option 3 – if you have ground and a shovel

A double dug bed might be the way to go for you if you have the energy but no access to straw or compost. This concept does not require any other inputs other then your own energy and the dirt under your feet.

Here is the video on how to setup a double dug bed.

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