Spidermite on Pineapple Sage

Common Pests in the Subtropical Garden

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This week I found a whole new pest that I never knew existed so I thought I’d write a list of some of the common things I find in my garden.


Usually I find Spidermite in areas that are a little drier in my garden – they hate humidity but sometimes I will find I get an epidemic of these particularly on my mint varieties.

Bean flies

These guys are a new one to my garden, basically it shows up with the plants collapsing at the root base (almost looking like rot) but if you look closely you’ll see either little yellow maggots with brown heads that are the bean fly larvae. I am yet to find a method of control, but these guys do lay dormant in your soil, so if you have them hanging around you may need to find another space for your bean growing.


The bane of my autumn existence is the white cabbage moth butterfly. A couple of methods I use can be found here, but I have to be onto them.

Fruit fly

These are terrible things in summer, I even get them in my zucchini! This year I tried exclusion nets and they were definitely a winner.

White flies

These guys are relatively easy to control if you get them early. The most damage these guys do is spread disease.

Tomato Russet mite

Another newly discovered pest in my garden but a destructive one. This one can bring down a tomato pretty quick.

What are some pests you commonly find in your garden?

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