Chicken Envy - renting + chickens

Chicken Envy

Chicken Envy - renting + chickens

Our house sits on the side of a hill, which basically gives use a pretty ‘nice’ view into our surrounding neighbours backyards. Particularly around this time of year as the big Jacaranda tree that sits on the boundary of our garden (that normally provides a great deal of privacy) has lost it’s leaves.

I’ve always heard the distinct cluck of the chicken post egg laying call (bok bok bok bekerk), and often wondered where the Chickens lived. I got my first glimpse of them the other day and it turns out they are closer than I thought and live directly behind us. They were just chilling under their kids trampoline! Extreme chicken envy hit me.

For a while now I have been hassling Nathan about my desire for Chickens, I told him they would make a great Wedding Gift. Initially he was of the opinion that he didn’t think we should get them until we bought our own place and weren’t renting anymore. I sort of agreed with him, I didn’t really want to have to move the chickens. Unfortunately, we both have travel addictions, which means any time we get a spare amount of cash that could potentially be put towards a house deposit, it gets spent pretty quickly on a holiday. So my dreams of owning chickens just keeps moving further out of reach.

It turns out enough banging on about the fact that I want chickens is enough to eventually break Nathan. My constant pestering has made him finally agree. YAY! BUT I have to get permission from the real estate agent.

We are pretty lucky to have good landlords. They let us have our ‘indoor animals’ indoors, which from my experience is very uncommon in Australia. However, Chickens might be another story (no they wouldn’t be indoor chickens). I have been putting off the Chicken request, simply because I am afraid of a big fat NO, also because I don’t want the prospect of my future chickens to distract me from all the wedding planning I have to do (it will be like freaking christmas picking up my chick chicks).

Perhaps Nathan is anticipating a no, I am not sure he’ll be ready for my extreme disappointment especially because I’ve been googling the different breeds that I am considering, pinning super cool chicken coops, and just generally feeding my excitement.

This could end in disaster.

UPDATE: We have been rejected by the landlords because Chickens cause too much mess. No more than the bush turkeys I would suspect.


Do you have chickens and rent in the city? I’d love to know tips on how to convince the real estate agents!

10 thoughts on “Chicken Envy”

  1. i don’t rent but have seen those mobile chook pens, where you can move them around your yard. They sell them at the Hall Markets in the ACT (where I live). Something like that could really work for your situation – no permanent fixture, ensures the lawn doesn’t get totally ruin and can take it with you if you move.
    Could also offer your landlord free eggs to sweeten the deal! ๐Ÿ™‚
    Good luck!

    1. Thanks so much Emma! I pretty much thought I’d get one of the ones with wheels anyway (even though I’ve been pinning the extravagant coops on Pinterest). I am liking your idea about free eggs ๐Ÿ˜‰ just have to sweeten up the landlords!

  2. I totally have chicken envy too! I am renting but only have a concreted courtyard anyway. As soon as I have a house of my own I am going to get chickens! ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. I can’t wait to have a yard so we can have chickens – chickens are awesome! Keep us posted with your progress and have an amazing time planning the wedding! Congrats! xx

  4. Have you thought about quail? They lay an egg a day from 6 weeks old and make far less mess than chickens, so might be ok with your land lord.
    The best breed would be Jap quail, also known as cotournix quail. The eggs are tiny (about a quarter of the size of a hen egg), but incredibly cute. They don’t crow, although they do let out some weird chirps every now and then.
    Plus, in addition to eggs, you still get that glorious poo for your garden and hours of time wasted quail watching. They will fly away if free range though, so need a secure enclosure. I have kept them in guinea pig cages in the past. With lots of handling they become quite friendly and the eggs are delicious.
    Good luck ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. I think my landlord’s definition of chicken ‘mess’ would also be inclusive of a quail. We definitely have space, it’s just the owners are not allowing us to get chickens.

  5. I’ve had chickens for years, and agree that they could be messy, however there is nothing to say that you need to have then free ranging in your back yard. Mine live in a spacious coop in a permanent position and they seem perfectly happy, and the mess is confined to the coop which is easily cleaned. I think there is always a happy medium.

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