Hi I am Nicki and I help people to grow their own food.

Here I blog about all things growing food in your own backyard. I also have a Podcast and YouTube Channel. We also have a seed shop and an online membership that has my best content and teaches all things backyard food growing.

Whilst I try to create content that is as broad as possible, these 3 facts about us really tell you what to expect from this blog.


I am Mum to two kids 3 and under


We live in sunny Brisbane, QLD Australia


In late 2018 we purchased renovators delight with an average size suburban backyard (but we've been long time renters so we get it). You can see how far we've come here.

Nicki - Love of Dirt

Love of Dirt we focus on

Gardening for the time poor

Firstly, between my freelance work, two small humans at home, I am extremely time poor... yes I know, aren't we all? I don't get a lot of time to get out in the garden so what we create in the garden needs to be low maintenance.

Low budget food gardens

This also means, for now, we are basically on a single income so budgets are tight. We work within a pretty strict budget and utilise things we have. Growing our own food also saves us money, you can find our savings here.

Tips for Sub-tropical gardeners

Living in Brisbane Australia means we are in a subtropical environment in the Southern hemisphere. It's humid and hot in summer, and winter is a delight. That's why you'll see me growing tomatoes in winter instead of summer, and complaining about nothing growing in summer. Subtropical food gardens can be hard work, we get a lot of bugs and diseases most other growers have never seen. Most advice you'll find on the internet is not relevant to us. So I grow plants that are easy to grow in my climate zone and I encourage you to do the same. It's better for your mental health, trust me 😉

Regular backyard growing

I dream of owning acreage but the reality is regular suburban blocks that keep getting smaller and smaller. In an urban environment we used a lot of temporary/small space options for our garden, we now continue to do this more due to habit, as being long term renters it was contingency in case we had to move. This means loads of pots, containers, raised garden beds and the aquaponics. We aim to grow our produce in things we can move and relocate without losing all our hard work of getting the soil just right.

So to sum up this blog is about growing food on a budget, with limited time and space, in hot climates.

My goal is to share my journey of growing food for our family, and inspire you to do the same.

Whether you're new at growing your own or just need a bit of inspiration to get into it a bit more I hope I can inspire you to do so.

Tips for food growers + interviews with amazing people. 

The story so far - Garden Youtube Channel For Australians

Our food growing journey with what we're growing and harvesting. 


Guidance, Support & Resources for backyard food growers

What to plant this month?

Grab my free printable seed sowing guide with a list of fruits and veggies to plant this month plus you'll get weekly reminders & loads of tips and tricks for the subtropical veggie patch.

My Story

I am a country girl coming from a long line of farmers and coming from a small town I am old enough to remember a time before supermarkets. So having a vegetable garden of some sort has always played a part in my life. Back then you basically ate what you grew. There were no other options.

As a teen, I distinctly remember muttering the words ‘Who’d be a farmer’ as I waved goodbye to the country life and moved to the city. Got my desk job, commuted every day and that was that. The end. 

It wasn’t until after backpacking around the world for 6 months I came back with a different perspective of how I wanted my life to be. I know that sounds really cliche but I had a taste of freedom, I wasn’t ready for what I guess you would call reality and I was craving a big change in my life. To slow down.

In 2010 I started this blog documenting my journey to slow down, and it really just morphed into a place where I shared my journey of growing food. I really relied on my instinct a lot and did a lot of problem solving, sharing my findings to hopefully help other people.

I became super passionate about knowing the story of my food and how my choices could affect change. I went back to my roots, and started making a conscious effort to grow as much of my own food as I could, and if I couldn’t grow it I tried to source it from local farmers - which was challenging as a city dweller.

I always had friends always quiz me out about growing certain things, I always surprised myself at how much I actually knew. It made me realise that growing food really is becoming a lost art, something that is so second nature for me so I needed to really start inspiring people to get their hands dirty.

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