Grow your own Food

Ever wanted your family to always eat beautiful in season organic produce ALL the time?


Have you wanted your own pinterest worthy vegetable garden but have no idea where to start?


Are you concerned your kids aren't learning about where food comes from and how good it can actually taste?

Perhaps your grandparents
had an amazing vegetable garden


If they wanted fresh healthy food they grew it. Organically and in abundance.

The veggie patch was an extension of the house - where you as a kid would enjoy snow peas straight from the vine or pull a carrot straight from the ground. 

Times have changed

The connection from earth to plate is lost. 

Things now come packaged up in neat little plastic bags that will last longer than our grandkids.

No one knows where our food is coming from.

How exactly it's produced.

How it's been messed with.

How far it's travelled.

How much the farmer was actually paid for it.

Soon enough...

We'll be importing all our food.

Quality will drop, the environment will suffer and more shortcuts will be taken.

We'll end up with hepatitis A in our frozen raspberries, needles in our strawberries and listeria in our rockmelons


... oh wait, that's already happened.

Growing food is fast becoming a lost art.

It's feared, it's unknown, it's challenging, it's rebellious.

But it's not hard.

that's why I created


Dirt Lovers is a step by step program full to the brim with helpful information on growing your own healthy organic food, cost effectively.

Who is this for?

If you're concerned about:

Eating good quality organic food

Knowing where your food comes from

Sticking to a budget

Getting your kids to eat healthy nutritious food

Environmental issues

Living waste free

Paying the farmers well

Reconnecting with your community


Then this program is for you

If you're passionate about the food you put into your families mouths, then it's time to start growing your own delicious food!

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